BIOTEX Collection : Discover our new GREEN products

BIOTEX Collection : Discover our new GREEN products

This summer, we are not adding one or two new products to our BELTEX catalog but a collection of products... and not just any products as they are biodegradable, biosourced or even bio-attributed!

Beltex is delighted to present the BIOTEX collection, a range of natural and recycled PES fabric products made in eu.

Zoom on this innovative collection that will seduce more than one.

What is the BIOTEX collection?

A range composed of :

  • Biodegradable products
  • Biosourced products (with recycled PES thread and bio-sourced coating)
  • Bio-attributed product (with recycled PES thread and bio-attributed PVC coating)

Biodegradable product - BIOTEX PLA 190

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Banner/Display
  • FR Certification in progress (EN13501-1)
  • UV & Latex inks
  • Width up to 3.10m

Earlier this year, we introduced the COTTON SUB 270 FR, a banner that was already revolutionary because it is 94% biodegradable in only 90 days. With the BIOTEX PLA 190, we have gone even further... Its components are 100% biodegradable!

The BIOTEX PLA 190 is a 100% biodegradable textile for digital printing. This banner/display is biodegradable thanks to its composition in PLA (= Polylactic Acid). The thread and the coating of this product are composed of PLA.

PLA is a bioplastic that does not use petroleum derivatives because it is made from natural polymers such as sugar cane, corn, sugar beets,...

Polyester yarn can be technically replaced by PLA yarn as it is one of the first renewable polymers able to compete with conventional polymers in terms of performance.

PLA has many advantages, both in its manufacture and at the end of its life cycle:

  • 100% renewable raw material
  • 100% biobased plastic: it is derived from renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane
  • Renewable polymer capable of competing with conventional polymers in terms of performance
  • Its production saves up to 42% of energy use and emits up to 72% less CO2 compared to conventional products.
  • It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable (in an industrial composting environment).
  • Good stability to UV and light

By choosing BIOTEX PLA 190, you choose a product that offers the same technical specifications and the same utility and quality as a polyester display but above all you make the choice to invest in an eco-responsible product. Indeed, being produced on the basis of PLA, it avoids the use of products derived from petroleum and allows, thanks to its biodegradability, to close its product cycle.

This biodegradable product is printable in UV & Latex and is proposed up to 3.10m width. Very soon certified (Bs1-d0 according to EN13501-1), find it already in the BELTEX catalog.

Biosourced products - BIOTEX 250 / BIOTEX 300 GW


  • Recycled PES yarn and biosourced coating
  • PVC-free
  • Frontlit/Banner
  • Compatible with UV & Latex inks
  • Width up to 5m
  • Certified Bfls1 (EN 13501-1)


  • Recycled PES yarn and biosourced coating
  • PVC-free
  • Grey back banner
  • Compatible with UV & Latex inks
  • Width up to 5m
  • FR Certification in progress (EN13501-1)

The BIOTEX 250 banner and the BIOTEX 300 GW grey back banner are products made of a recycled polyester yarn structure (RCY), i.e. a polyester fabric made from plastic waste. This GRS (global recycled standard) certified recycled yarn comes from the recycling of plastic products at the end of their life (like bottles for example).

By using recycled raw materials, we save resources. The use of these waste materials avoids the synthesis of new plastic from oil and ultimately reduces the use of fossil resources.

These two banners are coated with a biosourced polyurethane, made from renewable organic materials (biomass), of plant or animal origin.

So which product will you add to your catalog?

Bio-attributed product - BIOTEX FLOOR

  • Floor covering
  • GRS certified recycled PES yarn
  • Bio-attributed coating
  • Customizable at will
  • Treated Non-slip
  • Width up to 4.95m
  • FR Certification in progress (EN13501-1)

Customizable, non-slip and available up to 4.95m, BIOTEX FLOOR is one eco-friendly floor covering.

BIOTEX FLOOR is made of recycled polyester yarn like BIOTEX 250 and BIOTEX 300 GW. Produced from plastic waste, this yarn is less energy consuming in production and more environmentally friendly due to its composition.

Also note that the PVC coating of BIOTEX FLOOR is bio-attributed, which means that the coating that covers this product is produced from PVC and bionaptha, i.e. partly from non-petrochemical/non-fossil resources.

Find the BIOTEX FLOOR at BELTEX today!


It is important to note that these innovative materials retain the same performance and technical specifications as our non-recyclable products but have the advantage of being made from fewer non-renewable resources.

For your information, producing 2 square meters of RCY (recycled polyester) fabric recycles 3 plastic bottles from the trash while one ton of plastic bottles saves nearly two barrels of oil.

The BIOTEX collection adds to our vast catalog of products and takes us towards an ever greener future.

So what are you waiting for to make the transition with us?