COTTON SUB 270 FR - Biodegradable banner!

COTTON SUB 270 FR - Biodegradable banner!

We are constantly looking for innovative products for the large format digital printing sector and today we are launching a new media... biodegradable*!

The COTTON SUB 270 FR is a woven cotton banner manufactured in Europe by Endutex (Portugal).
It is UV, latex, direct sublimation and transfer printable and has a Bs2-d0 flame retardant rating.
In addition to its good flatness, this media offers a good stretch for good media tension and shows good crease recovery.
We offer 2 widths: 1.55m and 3.10m.

This banner is a real revolution for our industry.
According to an independent laboratory test report (EN14855-1:2012), it is more than 90% biodegradable* after only 90 days.

The EN14855-1:2012 standard explains that the method is typical of organic composting:

ISO 14855-1:2012 specifies a method for the determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastics, based on organic compounds, under controlled composting conditions, by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide released and the degree of disintegration of the plastic at the end of the test. This method is designed to simulate typical aerobic composting conditions for the organic fraction of mixed municipal solid waste. The test material is exposed to an inoculum that is derived from compost. Composting takes place in an environment where temperature, aeration and humidity are closely monitored and controlled. The test method is designed to give the percentage conversion of carbon in the test material to carbon dioxide emitted, as well as the rate of conversion[1] ”.

COTTON SUB 270 FR is thus, along with our PVC-free range, part of our goal to move towards a greener future.

*A substance is said to be biodegradable if, under the action of living organisms outside its substance, it can decompose into various elements that have no harmful effect on the natural environment[2].


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