Print Floor, the printable floor by Beltex

Print Floor, the printable floor by Beltex

It's time to discover our printable floor product Print Floor.


Print Floor is the ideal medium for communicating through the floor and is the perfect advertising medium to enhance the visibility of an advertisement. The communication possibilities of Print Floor are endless, it satisfies the current trends and needs of advertising, signage and decoration. It looks spectacular wherever you place it (showrooms, department stores, shops, car dealerships, hospitals, offices, ...).


This expanded pvc media is certified fireproof (Bfl-s1) and anti-slip (R9 & DS), it can be installed on any type of floor without any difficulty. Its polyester backing makes it virtually tear-proof.


Print Floor is ideal for short and medium term applications, offering dimensional stability, flatness and excellent ink adhesion.

Take advantage of its infinite customisation to satisfy your wildest desires!


Available from Beltex in widths of 1.60m, 2.05m, 2.20m, 3.20m and 4.95m.


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