Towards a greener future

Towards a greener future

2022 is not only about new products at Beltex but also about respecting our planet. 

Everyday, there is more and more pressure to work on reducing our carbon footprint. We can contribute to making our business greener, solutions exist at our level. Beltex is committed in this direction and on several levels. 

We offer a wide range of PVC-free products, biodegradable media or media with recycled PES fabric. The world of printing is in constant evolution and ecology is at the heart of the debates. To meet the demands and requirements of the industry, we offer a wide range of sustainable products. Whether it is free PVC media or textiles with recycled PES fabric or even biodegradable media, Beltex's goal in the coming years is to offer/commercialise more and more of these types of ecological media to eventually replace the PVC-based products in our catalog. 

We want to reduce our carbon footprint and more in the future. To continue our eco-transition, we have decided to act at our level through simple everyday actions. 

Our action plan has been thought in four points: 

  • Transport:
    • Short circuits and proximity companies
    • Switch to hybrid or electric vehicles
    • Authorized teleworking
    • Reduction of business travel
  • Technology:
    • Increase video conferencing
    • Elimination of unnecessary emails and attachments
    • Recycling of obsolete computer equipment
  • Electricity and heating:
    • Setting equipment to standby mode
    • Switching off equipment as soon as you leave the office
    • Investment in "low consumption" devices
    • Switching to LEDs
    • Thermostat set according to seasons, presence and absence
  • Paper:
    • Digitization and reduction of paper
    • Sending invoices by email
    • Printing on recyclable paper
    • Printing on both sides of the paper

In addition to these 4 fields of action, we will continue to be alert to reduce our carbon footprint. 


As you can see, our goal is to offer you a greener future with Beltex thanks to more and more sustainable and ecological solutions.